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Happy Planet Index Rank for 143 Countries
Happy Planet Index Rank for 143 Countries,,world-map
Internet Users per Country (2000 vs. 2008)
Global Internet Users per Country (2000 vs. 2008),internet global users,world-map
Happy Planet Index History of Thanksgiving. Comparing 2000 to 2008
by Smunns by Vanessa68 by garford
Songs per artist in top 500 rock songs
Number of Songs per artist in the top 500 rock songs of all time,Artists Top Music,bubble-chart
CO2 Equivalent per kWh
CO2e per kWh,energy impact,bubble-chart
What People Wish They Could Do
i wish part 2. 3 key phrases,,word-tree
Top artists By Energy Source If only they had more time - Tweets
by pskrumbis by cyberandy by i8van
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