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Bandwidth Management

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“The Network Composer paid for itself within the first month of ownership and we haven’t needed to increase our bandwidth.”
Estimator, Project Manager & MIS Director; Drymalla Construction

Bandwidth Management


Allocate Bandwidth Optimize Internet Performance

Unlike port-based rate limiting, Network Composer employs dynamic bandwidth shaping that creates a very efficient Internet connection. Network Composer includes a full suite of bandwidth control tools that allows users to take control of their Internet connection.


  • Dynamic Bandwidth Shaping: 7 levels of priority are available to ensure the correct amount of bandwidth is being used by the appropriate users, applications and content. Bandwidth will dynamically allocate in real time based on the priorities set within a policy.
  • Application Shaping: Prioritize and/or limit the amount of bandwidth available to certain applications.
  • Content Shaping: Prioritize and/or limit the amount of bandwidth available to URL content. Allow access to high bandwidth sites such as youtube.com with the confidence that the traffic will not utilize a large portion of bandwidth.
  • Group Shaping: Prioritize and/or limit the amount of bandwidth available to a specific group of users. Group shaping also allows for dynamic bandwidth prioritization so that less critical groups get access to bandwidth as long as it's not needed by critical groups
  • User Shaping: Similar to group shaping, prioritize or limit bandwidth to individual users-even dynamically based on priority



Granular Reporting

Network Composer provides administrators with visibility into details of your Internet traffic. The drill down capability allows you to get all the information you need on user/group activity, web traffic, application traffic and threat sources. The reporting engine is integrated into the Network Composer and does not require a standalone report server.


Real Time Reporting

  • Total Internet Traffic
  • Application Traffic , Total Traffic, Application set and application detail
  • Web Browsing by URL, Category and User


Historic Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting for:

  • Top Internet Users
  • Top Bandwidth Users
  • User/Group Activity
  • Application Traffic
  • P2P Usage
  • URL/Category Usage
  • And much more!


Report Broadcasts

  • Send regularly scheduled reports to those who need them - so they can make the right decisions for your organization


Bandwidth Management

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